trumpetDresden Trumpet Model TR100L

Designed for the beginning to advanced student this performance level trumpet is built to last. Its construction allows the beginning student to get quicker response, while it’s resistance allows room to grow for the intermediate to advanced player. These features allow for this instrument to be played into High School or beyond in some cases

  • Three Stainless Steel Valves
  • 5” Gold Brass Hand – Hammered bell
  • .459 Bore Medium Bore
  • 1st Valve Thumb Hook
  • Adjustable 3rd Valve Slide ring
  • Sturdy Wood Case
  • 7C Mouthpiece

saxMarseille Alto Sax model AL200L
The playability of this instrument is surpassed by no other student Alto Saxophone. The extra bracing adds the durability needed for a beginning student and the performance allows for long term success for the intermediate and advanced student.

  • Keyed to Eb
  • Yellow brass body
  • Ribbed post body construction
  • High F# Key
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Italian Leather Pads
  • Double Braced Low C, B and Bb
  • F# Helper Bar
  • Deluxe engraving
  • Deluxe Wood Case
  • Mouthpiece Kit included

clarinetMontpellier Clarinet model CL100
Modeled after the classic French made clarinets, your student is sure to succeed with this well constructed clarinet. Its 64.5mm barrel helps the beginning student with the intonation, while allowing room to grow for the advanced student.Keyed to BbABS resin with Matte finishNickel Plated Keys

  • ABS Body
  • 64.5mm Barrel
  • Blue Steel Needle Springs
  • Italian Pads
  • Deluxe Wood Case
  • Mouthpiece Kit included